Fluid mixing station

Mélangeur soluble cardev SmartMix

Dimensions station de mélange de fluide Cardev SmartMix


The Cardev SmartMix  fluid mixing station is used to deliver coolants to an entire workshop through a pipework system or locally via a dispensing gun. The delivery is extremely fast and mixing is accurate and compliant.


  • 300 or 1,000 litre stainless steel water tank
  • Delivers coolant at a rate of 90 L/min
  • Standard concentration from 1 to 9% (a concentration from 10 to 20% possible)
  • Low level security with shut-off and warning light for soluble oil and water
  • 4 concentration pre-settings


SmartMix Process

Water is stored in a 300 or 1,000 litres stainless steel tank. Water is drawn from this tank and mixed with soluble oil and is then quickly dispensed. This works even if your water supply system is slow.

Soluble oil is drawn through a tube which detects the level of oil and stops the SmartMix when the oil barrel is empty. This prevents dispensing water only.

The SmartMix is equipped with a 4 concentration pre-setting. This provides accurate and compliant mixing to ensure the performance and longevity of coolants.

The pressure and flow rate are controlled to adapt to the pipework systems in a workshop. Distribution can be performed locally with a dispensing gun.

SmartMix intelligent control

The SmartMix can be controlled via a touch screen for the best results, particularly if the pipeline system narrows. It is easy to use, responsive and has a pin code security to protect the settings.

This station also provides an accurate digital measurement of the water/soluble oil consumption. Also, the levels of soluble oil and water is managed by the automatic shut-off and a warning light.

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