The BRT 023 air filter : a barrier against attacks in particles and water.

The BRT 023 air filter is equipped with a patented hydrophobic filter element that works for both particles and moisture.

Filtre à air BRT 023It is an impermeable membrane, the moisture cannot enter the tank but the water vapour can escape from the tank.

The filtration threshold for solid particles is 3 μm with an efficiency of 99.7 %, which fully protects your hydraulic components from external dust, and in particular, silica particles (very abrasive).

When water vapour escapes from the tank, and therefore passes through the membrane, the original properties of the membrane are restored, the moist air “evacuates” the condensation which may have formed on the external surface of the membrane. In this way, the dew point in the tank is maintained at a low level (where the % of saturation of water in the oil is kept at a low level) and as such, when the machinery or the plant is stopped at night, and the temperature drops, there is no formation of condensation in the tank = no risk of corrosion.

Works as a barrier against solid and water contamination.
Efficient when the hydraulic system is operating and stopped.
Reduces moisture inside the tank.

The BRT023 vent can be fitted directly with the PALL HC0293 filter and likewise with the Vickers BR110. It is interchangeable since the threading is the same: 1 1/2″ 16 UN.

Montage filtre à air BRT023

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