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Purificateur VUD Hy Pro

Purifiers from the HY-PRO VUD range can be used to remove water (and particulate) contamination from your oils, thereby increasing the reliability and life of your installations. A revolutionary design allows HyPro Purifiers to remove water 2 to 3 times faster than other machines available on the market.

The range of purifiers covers flow rates from 11 to 400 litres per minute.

Using vacuum dehydration technologies (lowering the boiling point of water in oil), HyPro purifiers remove 100% of free water and up to 90% of dissolved water.

Discover the working principle of the VUD purifier

Principe fonctionnement VUD Hy-Pro

The HY-PRO VUD operates on the vacuum dehydration principle and the expertise lies in the vacuum chamber: the previously heated oil passes through one or more dispersing elements (depending on the size), and when the fluid is exposed to the vacuum (0.8 bar), the water reaches its boiling point and then evaporates as steam.

This water is extracted using the vacuum pump (the latter can be proposed with the reduced maintenance option).

A condensate tank is used to collect 2/3 or the water extracted in liquid form and discharged at the outlet of the vacuum pump.

At the vacuum chamber outlet, and before returning to the tank; the oil passes through a filter to remove solid particles and as such, reaches the required cleanliness classes.

Choosing equipment from the ID System range guarantees you benefit from the best technology at a competitive price. Available from stock, some of our equipment is also available for rental.


  • filtration stations for all types of applications: Heavy industry; Marine, Energy, Wind turbines, Mobile, etc.
  • oil purification systems to remove water: vacuum dehydration and coalescence
  • depollution units for synthetic fluids:  less submicron sludge; reduction of acidity, etc.


  • Filtration station
  • Dispensing unit, fixed or on wheels
  • Mobile filtration station with particle counting option
  • Filtration station with high capacity and high flow
  • Micro-filtration station using compressed cellulose to obtain a high level of cleanliness.



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Cardev Micro-filtration

Cardev Micro-filtration

  • Example in photo: 4S-B
  • Water and particle filtration at the same time
Groupe de filtration EDH

ID System filtration unit

  • Example in photo: GFM40
  • Easy to use
Hy-Pro filtration station

Hy-Pro filtration station

  • Example in photo: FCL2
  • High flow




  • Used to decontaminate hydraulic fluids
  • Obtains cleanliness classes up to NAS5 or ISO 16/14/11
  • Filtration fineness up to 25 µm absolute


  • Démarrage rapide et simplicité d’utilisation
  • Obtains cleanliness classes up to NAS4 or ISO 15/13/10
  • Double finesse de filtration jusqu’à 25µm absolus


  • La filtration se fait en temps masqué lors du remplissage
  • Jusqu’à 900 cst en mode filtration
  • Filtration fineness up to 22 µm absolute


  • Transfer and filtration of viscous oils
  • Simple and easy to drain
  • Pressure up to 14 bar and filtration fineness up to 40 µm
  • Viscosity 900 cst maximum in filtration mode and 2,000 cst in transfer mode
GFP4 and 10

GFP4 and 10

  • Transfer, drainage and decontamination of hydraulic fluids
  • Achieves the cleanliness class NAS4 or ISO 15/13/10
  • Filtration fineness up to 25 µm absolute
  • Suitable for tanks up to 200 litres


  • Hydraulic fluid transfer unit
  • Volumetric counter and 4m discharge hose
  • Filter 10 µm absolute
  • Manual gun

Additional information

Several technologies are available to meet all your fluid cleanliness needs:

For all of these mobile units, we can provide the following additional services:

  • Start-up assistance
  • Fluid analyses before and after the work to validate the results
  • Rental service

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