Oil filtration

A wide range of permanently installed bypass filters and mobile offline filtration carts designed to maintain oils at a much cleaner level than new oil, throughout its service life


More than 3/4 of problems in hydraulic systems are caused by fluid contamination.

Oil cleanliness is a key factor to ensure the reliability of your machines. As technology advances, the requirements with respect to lubricants are increasingly demanding: Pressures and temperatures are higher, tanks sizes are smaller and mechanical component tolerances are smaller.

The CARDEV offline and bypass filtration is capable of maintaining oil at a much cleaner level than new oil, extending its service life, reducing component wear and increasing system reliability. We mainly work on hydraulic and engine oils but our technology is also suitable for transformer oil, gear oil, and neat cutting oil.

Discover the result of a Cardev filtration on your fluid

Résultat d'une filtration Cardev sur votre fluide


Système filtration by-pass

Bypass filtration

Bypass filtration using the flow rate and pressure of the system. The oil is filtered continuously while the system is working. The entire system is cleaned and kept clean: from oil in the tank to the entire hydraulic system.

Système filtration en dérivation

Offline filtration

Mobile or bypass filtration systems working independently of the system which is in operation, thanks to a motor pump unit.

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