Sampling and analysis kits

Good samples for the right diagnosis!

70% of hydraulic system failures are due to contamination

ID System has created sampling and microscopic analysis kits for you.

Oil samples must be taken in accordance with standardised methods in standard bottles. A bad sample necessarily results in a wrong diagnosis.

Samples must be taken in-line (machine operating) using a pressure tap and a capillary.

In addition, ID System proposes a sampling set which will allow you to work safely. This in-line sample will be the most representative of the contamination present in the hydraulic system.

Failing that, the sample can be taken from a vacuum pump in a tank.




Dynamic sampling device up to 350 bar

  • Capillary for pressure taps
  • Manual vacuum pump for sampling
  • 10 decontaminated sample bottles
  • Squeeze wash bottle for solvents
  • Bottles for solvents
  • Hose + stainless steel ballast

We propose decontaminated glass bottles in accordance with Standard ISO3722 or NFE48-654



Unlike the MMP2 kit, this one does not include:

  • squeeze wash bottle for solvents
  • bottles for solvents


The analysis kit will allow you to observe the hydraulic system contamination with an LCD microscope.
You will be able to identify the ISO or NAS code for your system contamination with a comparative photo.
You will also be able to identify the type of particles (metal, oxidised metal, bronze, brass, rubber, seals, etc.)
The data (photos, films) can be stored in the internal memory or an a USB stick.


Vacuum pump
Vacuum flask
fluid receiving system
Gridded membranes 0.8 µm

LCD microscope

LCD microscope
Petri dish
Filter 0.8 µm
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