Decontaminate and remove solid particles and fluids from tubes and hoses

Whether new or not, say no to contamination. In just 1 second, the projectile cleans and decontaminates the internal surface of your tube or hose.

Dépollution interieur flexible ou tube


It’s easy. You just need a gun (portable launcher) connected to an air supply. When your press the trigger, the projectile, shot at an extremely high speed, rubs against the internal surfaces of the tube or hose.

The particles and/or liquids that are still inside the tube or hose are then pushed outside. Your tube or hose, new or not, is then cleaned and decontaminated. Your systems will be more reliable and you will be able to use your filters longer.

To keep your work space clean and avoid injuring yourself, it is strongly recommended to have a recipient for the projectiles (collector bucket for example).


Projectiles pour lanceur pneumatique

Standard and abrasive projectiles

The bad particles and liquids are pushed towards the outside with the UltraClean projectiles. Then, to a certain level, the latter are decontaminated. Depending on the condition of your equipment, the projectile to be used will be different:

  • UC: moderate contamination
  • A: high contamination + oxidation
  • GR: very high contamination + oxidation + rust.
Lanceurs pneumatiques portatifs UltraClean

Portable pneumatic launchers

They are suitable for ∅3mm to ∅4″1/2 hoses and tubes.
They are easy to operate, light and solid. If you have to work on a construction site or in a restricted environment, it is the ideal solution.

Station de nettoyage des flexibles et tubes

Fixed station with an integrated 5 µm air filter

This station is ideal for an industrial use. Cleans in just 1 second.

Kit de nettoyage pour tube et flexible

Cleaning kit

It includes the portable pneumatic launcher, projectiles and a bucket to collect the waste.

Malette de protection pour lanceur pneumatique

Case with foam insert

You can take your launcher anywhere! Light and robust, it is protected.

Capsule de protection pour tube et flexible

Protection capsules

Protect your hoses with a plastic protective film. Ideal on a construction site, in dusty environments (in short, everywhere).

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