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Interchangeable filter elements


Thanks to the G8 glass fibre filter media tested in accordance with the DFE (Dynamic Filter Efficiency) test, more complete than the Multipass test.

HY-PRO, a leading filtration player, associated with ID System proposes a complete range of interchangeable filter elements covering most of the world’s manufacturers. With more than 400,000 references, we can satisfy all your hydraulic filtration needs and achieve your objectives to reduce costs and limit the number of suppliers.

Whatever your application, we allow you to streamline procurement and save money. The HY-PRO filters are manufactured and validated in accordance with the DFE (Dynamic Filter Efficiency) test, a much stricter and restrictive standard than the standard ISO 16889 used by our counterparts.

Remplacement d'un filtre hydraulique endommagéHY-PRO has solved a particulate contamination problem on a test bench of one of the world’s leading hydraulic component manufacturers by replacing a standard filter element with a more efficient HY-PRO equivalent. Results: 96.8 % less particles and it obtains a cleanliness class of 14/11/0!
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HY-PRO has pushed back the limits even further by creating the highest industrial standard to measure the performance of a filter: the DFE performance test.

The operation in a dynamic system is simulated with fast and frequent flow changes which represents the reality of a filter in operation.

It is this test that allows us to design, manufacture and validate our filters. It guarantees the highest quality of filtration and superior performance than our competitors.

Data comparison


To preserve or create a captive market, we deliver filter elements marked with your references and logo


Eléments filtrants personnalisés

Cleaner fluids = components with a longer life!

Laboratory and field tests always show that HY-PRO filters obtain lower ISO codes than those of our counterparts, and this, on a regular basis.

Improving and stabilising the contamination rates of fluids will exponentially increase the life of hydraulic components and bearings. Cleaner fluids will also reduce machine downtimes, increase reliability, reduce the number of maintenance hours and extend the life of fluids.

Tableau extension durée de vie des composants et roulements


Do not assume that a filter element will retain the particles it has captured.

The DFE test reveals that standard filter elements designed and only validated with the Multipass test are subject to re-releasing previously captured contamination.

When they are subjected to real and dynamic conditions, very concentrated clouds of contamination are released by some filter elements. This can inhibit the reliability, cause serious damage and accelerate the failure of sensitive components. With HY-PRO G8 glass fibre filter elements, you obtain a clean fluid in normal operating conditions but also in critical conditions.


HY-PRO and ID System allow you to implement an optimised management of your hydraulic fluids. A prior audit will establish various actions to be taken to reduce the contamination sources.

ID System will then help you to design and install control and depollution systems, and ensure the sustainability of your installations. Keep control of your fluids with filtration technologies and HY-PRO interchangeable filters.


for an optimum management of your stocks.

Eléments filtrants sans âme métalliques

With no metallic core

These filter elements are designed to reduce removal and respect the environment. They offer real advantages: they are eco-friendly, economical, and above all, they are very practical.

The 100% recyclable Hy-Pro elements have absolutely no affect on the performance and filtration quality.

Eléments filtrants élimination eau

Removal of water

Depending on your different application, you probably need to remove water to preserve the quality of your equipment over the long term. The G8 Dualglass pleated media is used to remove free water while maintaining a high filtration quality (Beta 1000 for 1 to 40 micron filtrations).

Eléments filtrants anti-statique


For some applications, oils can be degraded by different electrical discharge phenomena. Our anti-static filter elements are designed to avoid this and preserve the anti-oxidant additives as well as the quality of the fluid.

They also remove electric arcs without affecting the cleanliness of fluids, key to the correct operation of all equipment.

Eléments filtrants acier inoxydable

Stainless steel

The Hy-Pro Dynafuzz stainless steel elements offer efficient protection against corrosive fluids and the very high temperatures.

They can be used for different hydraulic applications where fluids are fire resistant.

Eléments filtrants réduction acide tan

Reducing acidity (TAN)

Our filter elements are designed to reduce acidity and maintain the TAN (Total Acid Number = level of acidity) less than 0.05. This level prevents certain contaminations, oxidation and corrosion of oil.

These elements can be used to remove gels (varnish) and deposits by removing the dissolved metals (Ca, Mg, Fe, Na, Si, Al).

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