RMF air filter

This filter has obtained the European Eco-Label. Avec ce filtre à air vous ne changez que le volume de billes de gel de silicate Z-R et respectez l’environnement.

Reniflard dessiccant RMF

This filter has obtained the European Eco-Label. With this air filter you only change the volume of Z-R silica gel beads. As such, you don’t through away the container which is more environmentally friendly. These beads can be put directly in the waste bin without any specific treatment.

Principe de fonctionnement du filtre à air dessiccant

Schéma filtre à air dessicant

The contaminated and moist outside air penetrates into the filtration unit. By passing through the Z-R silica gel beads, the moisture content is removed. This dried air crosses the synthetic fibres of the filter element which will remove the solid particles. The air entering the tank is therefore dry and clean.

Remplacement du filtre

Remplacement filtre à air dessicant

When the colour of the Z-R silica gel beads changes, this indicates if the filter needs to be replaced.

Rôle des clapets

Rôle d'un clapet de filtre à air dessicant

In a situation where the surrounding air has a high moisture content, the contact between the Z-R silica gel and the ambient air must be kept to a minimum when there is no circulation of air (this will significantly increase the life of the silica beads).

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