Filtration/depollution units rental service

Renting equipment is an advantageous and flexible alternative. Think about it!


ID System provides a fleet of filtration and depollution units with control tools (particle counter and moisture probe) for rental. Several technologies are available to meet all your fluid cleanliness needs: vacuum dehydration to remove water, particle filtration, flushing and depollution unit and the Cardev technology to remove water and particles.
For all of these mobile units, we can provide the following additional services:

  • Start-up assistance
  • Fluid analyses Before and After the work to validate the results
  • Complete service: Cost of the Round trip transport with collection by us
Location 2S 500E


Enhanced mobile offline filtration unit , flexible and made from stainless steel. This unit is proposed with a particle counter, a flow meter and a heater.

Location 4S 700E


This unit is identical to the 2S-500E unit except that it has 4 bowls to filter a greater quantity of oil.

Location T700

T 700

This mobile oil removal unit extends coolant life thanks to advanced technology. It operates unattended and works continuously.

Location FCL2


Mounted on a mobile skid, this standalone filtration station quickly reaches the highest levels of cleanliness. It is equipped with a resistant pump and is ideal for high-viscosity lubricants and hydraulic oils.

Centrale pour le flushing

Flushing unit

This flushing/depollution unit, 80 to 500 L/min, 20 bar maximum, is equipped with a 400 litre buffer tank for tanks up to 20,000 litres. It has a pipeline up to 2″1/2.

Flushing unit

This flushing unit is ideal for cleaning and flushing your hydraulic systems before start up and during tests. 250 L/min, from 15 to 460 cst, integrated heater, different filtration stages, tanks up to 20,000 litres.

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