The Cardev CCS cleaning station is capable of treating 500 litres of coolant every 3 to 4 hours. It improves operator conditions by reducing oil mist, bacteria growth and the unpleasant odour of coolants.

Supplied with 2 SDFCU filter elements


  • Increases the productivity and profitability of machine tools
  • Recycles used coolants
  • Significantly extends the life of coolants
  • Removes particles and tramp oils
  • Controls bacteria growth
  • Reduces the carbon footprint
  • Provides a constant supply of recycled coolant
  • Coolant costs are reduced


CSS process

Reusable bag filter

The coolant is collected in the CCS used coolant tank after the tanks are emptied of after swarf is processed.

Programmable logic controls with a smart digital touch screen

The used coolant is transferred through a bag filter in the CCS process tank, where the tramp oil is coalesced and separated. Ozone gas is injected to control the bacteria levels.

Assembly with 2 Cardev SDFC-P filters

The recycled coolant is passed through 2 Cardev SDFC-P depth filter elements, leaving the coolant ultra clean in the recycled coolant tank, ready to use. This process will continue automatically under the control of the PLC providing that there is a sufficient volume between the recycled coolant and the used coolant. Each 500 litres batch is processed in 4hours.

Complementarity with the Cardev SmartMix

The CCS can either be connected to a pipework system or used as a coolant distribution point via a dispensing gun. By integrating a SmartMix mixing station, the CCS can become the sole source to distribute coolant in the workshop. The SmartMix will only be used to mix soluble oil with water when there is not sufficient recycled soluble oil available.

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