Bypass oil filtration

Filtre by pass cardev HDU H8
Dimensions du filtre Cardev HDU-H8


The HDU H8 filter is fixed to a system with attachment lugs.

Its advantages:

  • Installed on systems up to 30 litres or 300 KW
  • Withstands a maximum feed pressure of 2 to 6 bar
  • Withstands a flow of up to 120 -150 L/hour

It is supplied with 1 HDFCU filter element


  • Removes micro-particles including combustion deposits and other sizes of particles
  • Removes free water and dissolved water
  • Increases system reliability
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Reduces component wear
  • Extends oil life and reduces CO₂ emissions
  • Reduces operating costs


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