VINCI FACILITIES and ID SYSTEM FLUID have successfully decontaminated a charge of heat transfer fluid at NOVASEP.



Site industriel Novasep géré par Vinci Facilities

VINCI Facilities, filiale du groupe VINCI, propose des solutions de facility management en prenant soin des bâtiments, des occupants et de l’environnement.

La société NOVASEP est un fournisseur leader dans le domaine de la production et de la purification de molécules pour les industries des sciences de la vie (life science) et de la chimie fine. Its production is based on expertise and an unrivalled pool of specialized technologies.

With 1,200 employees, Novasep is established in Europe, Asia and North America, and is constantly expanding its presence worldwide to better serve its customers.
The Pompey en Lorraine site groups the R&D departments, new process development and manufacturing. It is the most versatile purification platform for biological molecules in the world.

The VINCI Facilities Lorraine team is in charge of the management of the NOVASEP site at POMPEY (54), and as such, they carried out, in partnership with ID System Fluid, the decontamination that we are presenting.



NOVASEP utilise pour sa production le fluide caloporteur SYLTHERM 800.

This fluid has an operational temperature range from -40 C° to + 150 C° without changing state. This wide range of temperatures requires high purity, mainly when water is present at high temperature.

Since this fluid is considered to be an oil, it can be treated using the vacuum dehydration technique. The purpose of this decontamination was to quickly remove water contamination: free water and dissolved water.

A review of the production constraints highlighted the difficulty of treating the fluid on-line.

Purification d'une charge de fluid caloporteur VUD15


Composants du purificateur VUD15

VUD15 block diagram

VUD15 block diagram
Given these constraints, it was decided to treat the fluids in batches of 1,000 litres. The fluid was therefore transferred into 1,000 litre intermediate bulk containers.

A Hy-Pro VUD15 purifier was used to decontaminate the fluid. This equipment uses the physical principle of lowering the boiling point of water as a function of the pressure.

At sea level, water evaporates at 100°C
At the top of Mont Blanc at 80°C
At the top of Mount Everest at 70°C
And in the VUD15 vacuum chamber at a temperature of 58°C.

The intermediate bulk container is connected to the VUD15, a first phase heats the 1,000 litre batch to a target temperature > 58°C.

When this temperature is reached, the separation process begins, the free and dissolved water are separated from the oil, then extracted by the vacuum pump.

2/3 de cette eau est récupérée sous forme liquide dans les réservoirs de condensat et 1/3 est évacuée par la pompe à vide.


Depending on the quantity of water present in the intermediate bulk containers, each batch required between 2 to 3 hours of treatment.

The initial value indicated a saturation of water in oil of 100 %. The treatment was stopped when the display reached the value of 15%.

Laboratory analyses determined that we passed from a value of 1318 ppm to 138 ppm, a reduction factor of 10.

The SYLTHERM 800 heat transfer fluid was returned clean to NOVASEP thanks to the expertise of VINCI Facilities Lorraine and the Hy-Pro/ID System Fluid equipment.

Tableau de contrôle purificateur VUD15